2022 SWIM LESSONS — Information coming soon

The White Marsh Swim Club lessons are designed to promote aquatic safety through instruction in a small group environment. This group orientated program covers techniques and knowledge in a steady progression for aquatic skill development. As the participants practice these skills, they will become safer and better swimmers.

This course is designed for the 4-5 year olds gaining their first water experience. Students learn the elementary aquatic skills such as water adjustment skills, breathing, floating, kicking, and basic personal safety.

Children learn basic skills and knowledge that help ensure reasonable safety in or around the water. (Skills include floating without support, recover to vertical position, and forward movement.)
Prerequisite: 5 years old. Previous experience is not necessary for this introductory course.

Students build on the skills learned in Level 2. Emphasis is placed on stroke development as well as deep water and safety skills
Prerequisite: Level 2

Group Lessons

Cost: $50 / swimmer / session
Dates: Session 1: June TBA, 2021 – June , 2021
Session 2: July TBA, 2021 – July , 2021
Days: Monday through Friday
Times: 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
General Info: Five (5) lessons per session
Lessons are given in a group setting
30 minutes of instruction per lesson
How: Fill out the application below and make payment

Space is Limited.
For additional information please email